Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lightroom profiles for the E-3 and some SHG lenses

Lightroom 3 can perform automatic adjustment of lens imperfection, including CA, lens shading and geometric aberrations. Although SHG lenses are excellent in all three aspects, they do show signs of each and therefore correction can be beneficial. Adobe does not supply Olympus profiles, but provides us with a tool that can be used to create them. This is just what I did - you can find the writeup, sample pictures (before/after) and the profiles themselves on my related technical page. I even include a comparison with the Nikkor 24-70 (yes, the new one)!

I have created profiles for the 14-35, the 35-100 and the 50 macro for various apertures shooting RAW. My experience is that the most needed correction is fixing geometric distortion of the 14-35 at larget fields of view. The 14-35 around 35, the 35-100 and the 50 has little to no distortion. Lens shading is also nicely treated, and is most visible with the 14-35, less with the 35-100 (but the result is strange - see the text) and is negligible with the 50 macro. All in all, this is a package worth considering if you are into this combination of stuff.

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