Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Plans for the future

Dear All,

Ever wondered why the information flow has stopped on this site? Well, there are many reasons, connected to "other", and to be honest: more binding obligations. But because we still think that four-thirds is a sane option to choose, we are planning to continue our efforts. Due to our access to various new lenses, we are planning to re-shoot the popular "Big gun Test". The long due reviews of the 14-35, the 35-100 will be done and published. And besides the information bits, we are planning to do some system comparisons (say, a Canon 1D + 70-200f4 IS vs. E-3 + 35-100mm f2).

Until then, please enjoy an example of sharpness at 100mm f2 below (which actually surprised us as we have not experienced such sharpness at 100mm on the E-1 when we have done the review):

Turkey head: 100mm f2
[click for full sized jpg available from the photo's page - "All sizes" menu option]

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Alberto said...

Excellent quality, thank you for your efforts.