Monday, 11 May 2009

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Last year I made up my flash holder arms by the end of my "macro season" so I could not test it properly. The following photos were taken last month using two FL-36R flashes.

Zuiko Digital 35mm macro + Olympus EC-20

Zuiko Digital 35mm macro

Zuiko Digital 35mm macro + Olympus EC-20

Zuiko Digital 50-200mm SWD + Olympus EX-25

Zuiko Digital 35mm macro

Larger images are available at here and here.


Alberto said...

Astonishing photos, i love your macro work, my flash bracket version went down, i bought a cheap gorillapod and it can´t take the weight of two flashes,

by the way, do you use EC-20 with the zuiko 35mm to get 2:1 magnification or to get more distance to the subject?


Krisztián Nagy said...

Thank you, Alberto!

I use EC-20 to get 2:1 magnification. (of course, at same magnification, the using of a teleconverter gives larger subject distance if we compare it to using of an extension tube)