Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ssssh... darkness comes!

I am whispering very low, so only those hear who listen closely. Today we receive the ED 14-35mm f2.0! By the end of the weekend, we shall also have an EC-14. Guess what kind of review will come out if we put these together with the Summilux 25mm f1.4! Hah! ;)

Update: it has arrived and is magnificent.

double DOF porn
Image taken with the other DOF king of the four-thirds line-up, the Summilux 25mm f1.4. Note how I lost control over things and overexposed the image by almost a stop, which had to be pulled in PP. Even the RAW headroom of the E-1 was not enough to save the burned-in areas. Because of this, purple fringing around the engraving still has a blueish-purple halo around it, even after "defringe all edges" - a setting that has to be applied to almost all Summilux shots.


brandon said...

hi, may i inquire how does the 14-35swd compares with the 35-100f2 in terms of image quality, usability, etc? for an amateur, wouldn't a 50mmf2 suffice? i feel that the super high grade lenses are grossly overpriced as compared to,eg canon and nikon.


csgzs said...

Hi Brandon,
As you can see, the promised lens review has been, ehm, delayed. Such a review will take a look at this comparison too, although I do not find it particularly relevant in a practical sense, as these lenses are mostly complements, rather than substitutes. In short: the 14-35 appears to be sharper when it is sharpest than the 35-100. Because of the narrower field of view, the latter can deliver unsharp areas the 14-35 can not. Re. overpriced: well, this is something subjective. On paper, it is overpriced and I also believe that there are few who can use the lenses' potential. They are not inexpensive, but are very-very good. But not made for the amateur in any way.

A similar consideration applies to the 50mm f2.0. It is a very good buy at the going price, but you have to consider the narrow field of view. If you want that plus nice bokeh, it is an extremely safe bet.