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Well, the wait is over - at least our wait. Being Olympus four-thirds camera users for almost three years, and amateur photographers for a longer period, Krisztián and I have thought it's time to wrap up things. Making comments on various (but mostly on the dpreview) forums, we had the impression that occasionally, we hit a nerve here and there. Most recently, we showed some weak and strong points of the Olympus E-3 (ever heard about strong banding in weak light or the stellar sharpness that puts the AA naysayers in shame?), but have followed the development of the system quite closely and analysed points that appeared the most important to our eyes.

However, all this information has been scattered over various places and is somewhat difficult to put together. Why would anyone ever want to do that - you might ask. Well, that's a good question, and the very reason this blog is up only now. However, the 24000+ hit on our review of the Top Pro / Super High Grade lens line and mails we receive convinced us that it might be worthwile to try out a different approach.

5 tavasz / 5 springs
Image taken with the ZD 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 lens @ f5. Background blur - one of the greatest headaches of those unfamiliar with the four-thirds system - is nicely rendered even with this relatively "harsh" lens (note the funny way the out of focus lines are separated). Although it is clear that greater sensors can provide shallower depth of field (DOF) if we hold everything else constant (and thus greater flexibility in this respect), often it turns out that one does not want such shallow DOF for one reason or another, or can compensate for it by more carefully adjusting the relative distance of camera, subject and background.

So here we go: although blogger allows comments on entries, our aim is to turn forums inside out so to speak and create a single place where information (appearing most important to our eyes) can be found. We are not trying to replace formus, rather contribute to them - in fact, you will find lots of pointers here to forum threads. We shall continue to monitor news related to the four-thirds system, write comments on them, clarifying matters that appear to be confusing. We shall post images that demonstrate the capabilities of the system and write honest analyses showing both strengths and weaknesses - just as we always did. The only difference is that you will find every information in a single place.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. You asked why is it four-thirds? The "dead end of camera evolution"? Well, obviously we don't seem to think it is a dead-end and been happy users for years now (even though we could buy into other systems). We think that it is not, because.... well, let me explain this later.

Until then, have a good day and check back later!
Zsombor & Krisztián

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Parci said...

Good luck guys!

(Once this site dethrones everyone else on the net, this very first post will be invaluable! :))